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As we believe frites are simply too tasty to just be eaten as a snack or side-disch,  we are introducing our unique ‘Stoofs’ – delicious meal toppings that turn your frites into a full and complete meal. The Stoofs have been developed for BRAM’s by famous TV-chef Herman den Blijker:

Captain’s Beef Stoof
Delicious, slow cooked beef, kidney beans, and gravy. For a true taste explosion, we also add piccalilli, grated old Rotterdam cheese, and fresh bunch onion. We add some bacon upon request.

Pulled Pork Stoof
An extraordinary stoof with pulled pork as the main ingredient, with apples, onions, and a special BBQ sauce to supercharge the flavor.

Veggie Mushroom Stoof
Perfect for those who don’t eat meat or who want something else for a change. This stoof is made with mushrooms, fried eggs, parmesan cheese, truffle mayonnaise and special spices; the perfect vegetarian alternative for a great frites meal.

Asian Chicken Stoof
A juicy, Asian style marinated chicken thigh, accompanied by Seroen Deng, spring onions, sambal, and the heavenly peanut-sauce that Bram’s is famous for.

Pumpkin Veal Stoof
Richly flavored cheek of veal, combined with pumpkin chunks, dried dates, coriander, shallot, and a drop of tabasco for a little extra kick.