Welcome at BRAM’S Gourmet Frites

At BRAM’S we believe eating delicious, fresh frites creates a moment of joy – which we feel everybody deserves. We believe we serve the best fresh frites in the world thus creating many happy moments around the world. Either as a snack or as a complete meal, we are passionate about our frites and want to deliver you an experience that is truly ‘out of this world’.

Fresh frites from Holland

BRAM’S was found back in 1967, when Bram Ladage (yes, our founder is a real person) opened a small foodstall selling fresh frites on a street market in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From the start it was a huge success, as Bram was the first one to offer freshly cut frites, cooked in vegetable oil right in front of his customers. The craftsmanship and knowledge that Bram acquired throughout the years was passed on from generation to generation. The new generation created this brandnew international concept, based on what made Bram such a legend in the Netherlands: we call it BRAM’S!