Our fresh frites are at the heart of BRAM’S, always carefully cut, cooked to perfection, and always served with lots of love. We are truly passionate about making sure that every single frites is 100% perfect. To us, it is not just about frites, but about offering a unique experience, that our customers will never forget.

Our potatoes are sourced from local farmers and handpicked as we want to make sure we always serve you the best quality available. After careful selection, the potatoes are taken to BRAM’S where they are cut into fresh frites, right in front of your eyes. Every order is then cooked to perfection in a special BRAM’S blend of vegetable oils. Solid craftsmanship, sound, senses, aroma and a touch of salt to finish it off – it all allows us to serve you the best, hottest, crunchiest, and truly unforgettable frites in the world.