Our fresh frites are at the heart of BRAM’S, always carefully cut, cooked to perfection, and always served with lots of love. We are truly passionate about making sure that every single frites is 100% perfect. To us, it is not just about frites, but about offering a unique experience, that our customers will never forget.

Our potatoes are sourced from local farmers and handpicked as we want to make sure we always serve you the best quality available. After careful selection, the potatoes are taken to BRAM’S where they are handcut into fresh frites, right in front of your eyes. Solid craftsmanship, vegetable oil and a touch of salt to finish it off – it all allows us to serve you the best, hottest, crunchiest, and truly unforgettable frites in the world.

Our frites are already very tasty on it’s own but to make them taste even better we’ve created our unique ‘Stoofs’ – delicious toppings that turn your frites into a nourishing and complete meal. Check out our different variations below.

Captain’s Beef Stoof
Delicious, traditionally slow cooked beef from grandmothers kitchen accompanied with kidney beans and vegetables. For a true taste explosion, we also add piccalilly, grated Old Cheese, and fresh spring onions. Do you like it al little salty? Then add some crispy bacon!

Pulled Pork Stoof
An extraordinary Stoof of Pulled Pork, that has a smokey taste of barbecue. Our special BBQ-sauce and silver onions give this Stoof some sweetness, fried onions add a crunchy bite.

Veggie Mushroom Stoof
Perfect for those who don’t eat meat or who want something else for a change. This Stoof is made with mushrooms, a fried egg, grated Parmesan cheese and Black Truffle mayonnaise; the perfect vegetarian alternative!

Asian Chicken Stoof
A juicy, Asian style marinated chicken thigh, accompanied by a mix of serundeng and sesame seeds, spring onions, hot sauce, and the heavenly Satay sauce that Bram’s is famous for.

Seasonal Stoof
Every season your BRAM’S introduces a new Stoof variation. In summertime for example you can try our Mexican Salsa Stoof or Chicken Masala Stoof.