BRAM’S foundation started in 1967, when Bram Ladage (yes, our founder is a real person) opened a small foodstall selling fresh frites on a street market in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From the start it was a huge success, as Bram was the first one to offer freshly cut frites, cooked right in front of his customers, one order at a time and always fresh, always hot. The craftsmanship and knowledge that Bram acquired throughout the years was passed on from generation to generation, thus leading to a brandnew concept, based on what made Bram such a legend in the Netherlands: we call it BRAM’S!

We believe in ‘the power of frites’ – similar to the power of chocolate –  and although this may seem a little strong, we believe we can speak based on experience. We are convinced that frites, when prepared well and served with love, has a unique power to create moments of joy and happiness. In the past 50 years, every time we served our fresh frites to customers, it always put a big smile on their face, exactly the experience that we have such a drive and passion for!

Our goal and passion is to offer customers a unique experience, a true moment of joy. We want to make people happy, thus making the world a better place, one neighborhood at a time.

Our pledge:

Community focus: authentic, local, socially responsible, belonging and added value.
We want to be at the heart of the neighborhood, play a part in people’s daily life, and be there for everyone who needs a moment of joy and happiness. We want everybody to feel 100% at ease and home at Bram’s.

Environment is key: natural, fresh, genuine, down to earth, connected, sound sourcing.
We find it important to do business in balance with the environment, which is why we exclusively work with fresh ingredients, cook with the best vegetable oils, source our potatoes from nearby farmers, and continuously strive for optimum sustainability. True joy and happiness can only be achieved with sincerity, and with our values we know we can make the world a better more joyous place.

Creating true moments of joy: love, theatre, passion, friendliness, energy, fun.
We start every day feeling proud of the work that we do with which we want to achieve only one goal: creating your moment of joy. Whether it is a friendly smile, a nice conversation, or simply our Gourmet Frites, we are there for you, we want to make your day!

Outstanding service: fast service, happy smiles, transparency, craftsmanship, quality.
We want to show and share everything we do at BRAM’S. From cutting to cooking to serving; we have nothing to hide. We want to share the entire experience with you, really involve you in the process, which will surely bring a smile to your face.